Lets start right from the very beginning. What is SEO? And how can it help your business?

 SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And its the process of taking a website, or a video, or even your blog. And optimizing it so search engines, like Google, bing, and yahoo can search for this information and display your content for people to see.

When a person does a search query, they are asking the search engine to go out and find information on this topic. If you wanted to learn how to bake a chocolate cake. You would be disappointed if Google came back with a bunch of search on puppies. I mean puppies are cute, but not what you were looking for at the particular time.

Search engines want customers to be happy using their service, if a customer wants puppies they will find you as much information on puppies as they can. If you want chocolate cake, they will being every thing they can find on this topic. That way customers will continue to use the search engine service. When you do search engine optimization, or SEO you are making your content (videos, blogs, or website pages) so the search engine understands what your content is about, so they will display your content when asked.

Some of the things we will cover in this, the 411 information online blog, in the next coming months. Are things we think are valuable bits of information such as.

  1. E.O over paid ad’s.
  2. Factors that go into increasing your ranking.
  3. On page SEO (how to set up your website best to be searched for SEO.
  4. Off page SEO (link building, traffic).

 We want not only to be able to sell you a service, but teach you along they way.

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