CERB update as of April 15th 2020

CERB update as of April 15th 2020

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Pm Trudeau's Update
(Condensed Version)

* Topping pay of essential workers and facility workers who earn less than $2500/mth

* Expanding CERB for those earning some wages and seasonal workers. Criteria is being relaxed today. If you earn

$1000 or less you will now receive the CERB. Those whose EI has run out are also eligible. CERB will also be available to seasonal employees. Artists bring sunshine into our lives anb may fall into this criteria.

* Senior homes and long term Homes are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19. Our gov't will work with provinces to take care of those who built our country.

*Tomorrow we will discuss the pay top up to get it out as much as possible.

* CERB is part of a plan to ensure everyone gets the help they need.

*Students and information about commercial rent to come soon.

*Canadian rangers will be helping Quebec, as requested.

*It is not easy to deal with everything

Mental health supports portal is available tomorrow
Canadacovid19 app or Canada. Ca to access support

*Testing swabs and chemicals have been ramped up this week.

* We can not give a date things will go back to normal. Continue with public health recommendations


1. Quebec: Discussions are continuing to determine how the armed forces will help long term care. Immediately, we are working with them how we can help.

2. USA and stopping WHO payments: My priority is to protect Canadians and to work with the International community. Tomorrow I will speak with other G7 leaders And coordinate approaches.

3. Prisons: We have made significant efforts and steps to protect our prison populations. We continue this discussion and stepping up our efforts. There have been several discussions. There have been reduction in transfers, isolating at risks people.

4. Social distancing varies across areas. The best way to prevent the spread is to stay home as much as possible and follow public health recommendations when you have to go out. It is normal there are slight differences in approaches.

5. Tens of millions of dollars to WHO. No direct asks from USA to Canada about changing this.

6. Who and how accurate is info: We need to remember is to base on science, experts and history. We will always work with domestic and international experts. Lessons learned will be essential but right now our focus is protecting people now.

7. Reopening economy: We recognize provinces are at different phases. How that release work will vary by region to region, industry to industry. It will be weeks more before we loosen restrictions. We do not want to find ourselves in this situation again by loosening it too early.

8. Long term care: I can't imagine what people are going through right now. We need to make sure we are supporting the heroes and keep our elders safe. We are discussing with provinces as to what they need.

9. Collective immunizations: Priority is to avoid an infection rate of 10% and to avoid an overwhelmed health care system. We know as there is no vaccine we need to be vigilent and have a fast responce rate.


As previously noted COVID-19 issues including these CERB statements are changing all the time. 

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