Don’ts of Directory Listing Submissions

Don’ts of Directory Listing Submissions

Marketing is a tricky business. When done right, it pays dividends. But when it’s sloppy, businesses have to bear the brunt of it. Ranking can fall in search engines as a result. A directory listing for your business in 411 information online is an effective promotional service. That can be of great value for both offline and online ventures. Nevertheless, there are some don’ts that a business must always keep in mind to ensure their efforts don’t go down the drain.

411 information online maintains quality listings. We always strive and advocates for better practices on our directory submissions to generate the very best results for your business. So, here we are discussing some of the don’ts that a business should watch out for while making directory submissions. Either with us our any other directory service you might use.

Posting Inflated Listing Descriptions

Many businesses forget that online directories are platforms where users are already quality leads. You don’t have to persuade them in and out. So, make sure that you don’t use overstatements of typical marketing content in your listings. Using superlatives and self-congratulatory language in directory listings sometimes turn out as a counterproductive measure for the promotion.

An authentic directory listing like 411information online that gets a good response from users is all about stating facts. Give your complete contact details and clearly mention the products and services you offer.


In our directory entries, you also get the room to mention awards and acknowledgements conferred by a third-party authoritative body to your business. It can act as the bit of persuasion that you want to move a lead into a customer.

Relying on Automatic Submissions Tools

It’s surely tempting to employ automatic submission tools to have your entry published across various platforms. But trust us when we say that this approach doesn’t pay off. Automatic submissions tools count on quantity and relying heavily on them ruins the quality.


They definitely publish a directory entry on many platforms but they don’t categorize it properly. They don’t take into account the niche and sub-niche a given business operates in. As a result, a business develops its online footprint at all the wrong places.

The misguided SEO doesn’t work especially for businesses that have a localized operation. Platforms like 411 information online let you categorize your venture according to its niche and geographical location, providing better reach to prospective customers.

Leaving the Entry Bland

Many businesses use online directories like the good old phone books of the olden days. They only mention the business title and contact detail in the entry. There is no harm in just keeping it simple, but when you get the space to add more relevant details, don’t leave it empty.

For instance, directories like 411 information allow businesses to add picture content to their entries as well. You can use a good quality picture of the frontage of your outlet to attract more eyeballs. This photo evidence will also add up to the legitimacy of your business.